Historical Ethanol Intraday Futures Data (ACA)

Ethanol Facts

Ethanol is a high-octane fuel which is used primarily as a gasoline additive and extender. The reduction in use of methyl tertiary butyl ether (MTBE) due to its environmental problems caused by groundwater contamination and surging prices for petroleum-based fuels are dramatically increasing the demand for ethanol and the interest in ethanol production in the United States. Ethanol can be produced from carbohydrates such as sugar, starch, and cellulose by fermentation using yeast or other organisms. Ethanol intraday futures data allows traders to address price risk of the commodity as well as the opportunity for arbitration with the price of corn futures. Ethanol and other gasoline products allow traders to participate in a liquid market as well.

Data and Format Details

Our intraday data is updated on a daily basis and we supply data in 1-minute bar. Formatting, timestamps and file extensions are custom tailored to suit your needs. Our default formatting is Open/High/Low/Close with a CSV extension.

By default prices are back-adjusted, but can be adjusted into any form you need, such as forward-adjust,ratio adjust, no adjustments, and more.

Sources: USDA

You can download sample Ethanol Intraday Data from the Sample Data Table

Contract Specs:

Exchange: JDERIV
Sector: Index
Tick Size: 1
Tick Value: 10 ZAR
BPV: 29000
Denomination: ZAR
Decimal Place: 0

Symbol Dates:

Data Type Start Date End Date
Intraday: 2005 Mar 23 Current