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Historical Forex & Futures Tick Data

Historical Forex & Futures Tick Data

Historical Forex & Futures Tick Data for CTA’s, Quants, Hedge Funds & Traders.

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We provide historical forex & futures tick data and historical commodity tick data to CTA’s hedge funds and traders. Access CQG Data Factory historical forex & futures tick data trades only or trades bids and asks, level 1 for foreign exchange, energies, financials, meats, metals, currency, softs, exotics and indexes. If you are a quant, fund manager CTA or serious trader then this is the place to be.

We also supply Second Bar Data and Time Agnostic Data for example, Volume Bars, on all CQG Data Factory products such as Gold futures, S&P mini futures, NASDAQ mini futures, Dow futures, Crude Oil futures, Natural Gas futures, Cotton futures, Coffee futures, Copper futures, US Treasury Bond futures etc.

Portara has a huge data reach across all global exchanges from CME, ICE, Eurex, NYMEX, COMEX and NYI. Asian exchanges include OSE, TOCOM, TSE, TWE, TFX, SGXFX, SGXCO, SGX, KFE and HKFE. We deal with RTS Russia, JDERIV in Johannesburg, we carry tick data from Brazil and all European exchanges such as IDEM, LME, MEFF-RV, OMXFUT and many more. See more exchanges here.

Portara supplies 90 day forward LME data combined into a single stream to save the complexity of single ring based assembly. Portara supplies a fully comprehensive FX library of vanilla and more obscure cross-currency pairs. The data is midpoint index based from the Bids and Asks.

Portara is a hands-on quality data service.  We will guide you through the many nuances of purchasing tick data that successful traders must contend with.

Portara provides CQG Data Factory historical forex & futures tick data.

Please see our Sample Data for detailed information on timestamp formats and more…

Portara Historical Forex & Futures Tick Data Solution:

CQG Data Factory Tick Data - ASCII TXT CSV

Portara has over 10,000 Futures, Forex, ETF’, Stock Indexes, Cash Contracts, Continuous historical forex & futures tick data.

We also supply Second Bar Data and Time Agnostic Data for all futures sectors such as Energy, Grains, Meats, Metals, Financials, Indexes, Softs and Currency foreign exchange markets.

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Data Consistency & Format

A main concern when purchasing historical Forex and Futures Tick Data is whether the data all the way through history remains comparable.  In other words does data collected in 1965 still reflect the same format and consistency all the way through history?

At Portara we make sure that all timestamps are contiguous and follow the same format and pattern all the way through the commodities and contracts we supply.  Furthermore, over past decades the tick size and other nuances can cause hereditary problems when contrasting data from a contract 30 years ago with data from a contract today. Again, Portara accounts for these discrepancies and natural movements so that all the data supplied can be matched.

Lastly, data in many markets such as US Financials, Meats and early Grains used to be price fractionalised.  Portara supplies only decimalised price data so you are able to import the data through any modern conduit, whether it has been created in-house or is a recognised software brand.

From a technical angle, our intention at Portara is to make the purchase and acquisition of Tick Data as painless as possible.

Portara | Awards

HFM Awards 2015


Portara wins an award at the HFM Awards November 2015. Also Portara was voted with the highest commendation for ‘Best Data Provider’.

HFM Awards 2016


Portara wins a highly commended award at the European HFM Awards November 2016. Portara was ‘highly commended in the ‘Best Data Provider’ class.

HFM Awards 2018


Portara is the winner of the European HFM Technology Awards in September 2018. Portara came first in the ‘Best Data Provider’ class.

HFM Awards 2019


Portara is the winner of the European HFM Technology Awards in September 2019. Portara came first in the ‘Best Data Provider’ class.
Portara | The Tick Data Powerhouse
Historical Intraday Futures Data Extraction Software

Portara | Tick Data – A Summary

Tick Data Formatting Solutions

Whatever formatting options you require, we can accommodate your needs.  Let us know any alternative timestamp formats, delimiters, or timezone work.  Our data remains homogeneous and contiguous from inception.


We will provide your data in ASCII TXT CSV files for easy integration into all backtesting platforms such as R, MATLAB®, OneTick®, NinjaTrader®,MongoDB®, Kdb+, etc.

Alternative Tick Data Sets

Portara can create Second Data, Time Agnostic Data and literally anything you wish to work with.  we offer custom C# programming work in case your requests need to go above and beyond.

Historical Tick Data Guarantee

Genuine CQG Data Factory Historical Forex & Futures Tick Data 100%
Formatting service available for Second Bar and Time Agnostic Bars 100%
Tick Data From Inception 1987 - Today across 238 Global Exchanges 100%
International Award Winning Product 100%
Futures | FOREX | Cash | ETF — Asset Classes 100%


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